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For some people, telling a lie is like second nature. It looks easy and it is often difficult to know whether or not they are telling the truth. At times, the whole story is incredibly important and you don’t have time to guess. That’s when you need a Riverside County licensed investigator to perform a polygraph test.

What Is a Polygraph Test?

A polygraph test, which is often referred to as a “lie detector” test, is a wonderful investigative tool for a thorough Riverside County licensed investigator. The polygraph test measures a variety of physiological responses to various questions and stimuli. In order for the polygraph test to be considered legal, ethical, and admissible in court, it must be administered by a qualified expert. That expert is usually in the form of a Riverside County licensed investigator.

What Happens During a Polygraph Test?

When done correctly, a Riverside County licensed investigator will take about 2 to 3 hours on a polygraph test. Of course, the duration of the test is always dependent upon the case at hand. Usually, a standard polygraph test is administered by a Riverside County licensed investigator in 3 parts:

  1. PART ONE: Pre-Test to determine whether the person is capable of being polygraphed
  2. PART TWO: Test to examine accuracies and reactions, sometimes administered multiple times.
  3. PART THREE: Post-Test to review chart and determine a conclusion.

The Riverside County licensed investigator leading the polygraph investigation will then review the findings of the test and determine whether or not there was a consistent significant reaction.

What Is a Consistent Significant Reaction?

A “reaction” is how the polygraph test describes the changes that occur in the body when a person tells a lie. A person’s breathing might change, his or her sweat glands might activate, and blood pressure can shoot up quickly. A Riverside County licensed investigator tracks all of this during the test.

A consistent significant reaction is a reaction that occurs the same way every time a particular question is asked. This reaction is assigned a numerical value and the test results are reviewed afterwards by a Riverside County licensed investigator. It is important to note that the standard polygraph test is only designed to measure what a person believes is true, and not necessarily what actually took place.

What Are the Three Potential Outcomes of a Standard Polygraph Test?

A Riverside County licensed investigator will carefully examine the data from the test and render a conclusion based on the evidence, which is reviewed using industry-standard techniques. He or she will then come to one of three conclusions:

  1. The person in question is telling the truth.
  2. The person in question is not telling the truth.
  3. There is no opinion (inconclusive).

Only about 10% of all polygraph tests result in a “No Opinion” ruling. It just turns out that, sometimes, even a Riverside County licensed investigator cannot determine whether a person is telling the truth or not. However, this is due only to human error and technological limits and is not the result of the person being able to fool the polygraph test.

Can a Person Cheat on a Polygraph Test?

Fortunately, the only ways for a polygraph test results to be fooled is for the person to do something that is observable to the examiner. Also, attempting to alter the results of the test shoots a warning to the Riverside County licensed investigator in charge. Continued attempts can cause the test to stop, and it is then determined that the test is “deceptive by virtue of countermeasures.”

Benefits of Having a Polygraph Test Administered by a Riverside County licensed investigator

Polygraph tests are a remarkable tool in a variety of scenarios. What’s more is that when you hire a Riverside County licensed investigator to administer a polygraph test for you, the evidence rendered is usually admissible in court (depending on the court and the case). Polygraph tests are often used prior to hiring employees for high security and/or government positions, during legal proceedings, and even by average citizens who are concerned with questions that are weighing on their mind.

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